Program assistant :

Some frequently asked questions



The MIB curriculum is divided into 4 categories: International Business, Project Management, New Technologies and Digital, Corporate Oriented.

  • The International Business section consists of 7 different courses: Strategy & Business Models (5 ECTS credits), International Brand Management (2 ECTS credits), Intercultural Negociation (2 ECTS credits),  Culture & Management (2 ECTS credits), International Corporate Finance (2 ECTS credits), International Law (2 ECTS credits), Organizational Behaviour & Ethics (2 ECTS credits)

  • The Project Management section consists of 4 different courses: Project Management Accounting (2 ECTS credits), Lean Management (2 ECTS credits), Project Management (5 ECTS credits), Change Management (2 ECTS credits)

  • The New Technologies and Digital section consists of 2 different courses: IS & E-Commerce (5ECTS credits), Digital Marketing (2 ECTS credits)

  • The Corporate Oriented section refers to the apprenticeship which will be meticulously followed by a tutor. You will have to submit 2 reports.



  •  What is the MIB calendar?  

The MIB program is divided into 3 parts:

- September : full-time at Dauphine

- October to January: 3 days at work, 2 days at Dauphine

- February to November : full-time apprenticeship

- May: Field trip in Shanghai (conferences & company visits)


  •  When does the program starts?  

Orientation week: one week in June. Mandatory attendance.

Classes start : first week of September.



  •  When can I sign/start my apprenticeship contract?  

An apprenticeship contract may be signed as early as 1st week of June up to as late as 1st week of December -ie. from 3 months prior to the start of the program  up until 3 months after

The contract will end at the end of the MIB program (i.e. mid November N+1).

  •  I am a foreigner, can I sign an apprenticeship contract in France? 

Yes, you can, if you are from the EU or from Switzerland, Iceland, Andorra, Monaco, San Marin or Lichtenstein.

BEWARE: Non EU citizens can apply to the MIB program ONLY if they are currently enrolled in a French university/school or holding a carte de séjour

  •  How much will I earn every month as an apprentice ? 

It varies from one company to another, but roughly between 1000€ and 1700€ per month.

  •  Can I choose my own apprenticeship?  

Yes, you are free to find an apprenticeship contract by yourself. However, every apprenticeship will have to be approved by the MIB director prior to the signature of your contract.

  •  Does the MIB help us find an apprenticeship ?  

Yes, we organize an orientation week / apprenticeship forum dedicated to helping students find an apprenticeship in some of the large international companies (Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Total, Areva, CSC, AirFrance, Louis Vuitton, Pernod Ricard, Sanofi, Agence France Presse, IBM, etc)

  •  What does the orientation week consist of?  

The orientation week is absolutely mandatory for all students entering the MIB. It is part of your integration in the master. The orientation week will take place at the beginning of June. It is a real opportunity to find your apprenticeship: 60% of MIB apprenticeships are found during this week.

- You will meet the current MIB cohort who will train you to find an apprenticeship through CV proof-reading and mock interviews

- You will have speed-dating interviews with our corporate partners (Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Total, Areva, CSC, AirFrance, Louis Vuitton, Pernod Ricard, Sanofi, Agence France Presse, IBM, etc…)



  •  When should I apply and what are the application dates ?  

Application deadline : March
The admittance decisions are made in May

No late or incomplete application is accepted.

If selected, you will be invited to a group interview in English at Paris Dauphine University in April

No Skype interview.

  •  How can I apply?  

Please follow the link on Home Page

  •  I can’t attend the group interviews, can I be interviewed by video conference or Skype?  

No, your physical presence is requested. We set interview dates pretty early in the year so that you can make arrangements to attend. These interviews are crucial for your application as they will help us observe your personality and capacities.

There is no individual interviews, only group ones. You will be divided in groups of 10. You will be asked to introduce yourself in 60 sec, solve two cases by group of 5 and exchange views on MIB.



  •  Is there an age limit to apply?  

In France, apprenticeship is intended to under 26-year old students on the first day of apprenticeship.

  •  I am a non-European and therefore have no ECTS credits. How can I figure out whether I am eligible or not ?  

You have to justify 4 years of upper/bachelor studies.

  •  Do I need to take an English certification (TOEFL, TOEIC, etc)?  

This is not mandatory but highly recommended.

  •  Do I need to take a French level test like the DELF/DALF, etc.?  

This is not mandatory but highly recommended. All classes are held in English. However, it is easier to find an apprenticeship with a reasonable command of French language.

  •  Do I need to translate my diploma ?  

No, as long as a translated copy of your transcripts is attached to your application.

  •  Do I need a recommendation letter ?  

It is not compulsory, however if you have one, you can attach it with your application.

  •  I have a Bachelor Degree, can I apply to the MIB ?  

In order to be eligible to the MIB, you need to have passed a first year Master (BAC + 4) or 240 ECTS credits.

  •  Can foreign students apply?  

We welcome all foreign students who fit the MIB requirements.

  •  Can I apply if I already have a M2 ?  

Yes, you can.

  •  Academic background, what requirements ?  

We welcome students with backgrounds in business and management (as broad as finance, communication, marketing), economics and engineering.

  •  Professional experience, what requirements ?  

We welcome students with at least 6 months of professional experience, as interns or apprentices.

  •  International experience, what requirements?  

We welcome students with at least one international experience, as part of a university exchange, an internship, or expatriation.



  • Your university fees will be paid to Paris Dauphine by the company you’ll sign an apprenticeship contract with. As an apprentice you will receive a monthly salary fixed by the company, which has to be at least equal to 61% of the French minimum legal wage (SMIC), between 1000 and 1700 euros per month.



  • The Shanghai trip is scheduled in May. Accomodation is paid for by the MIB and all other expenses are supported by the students (plane fares, food, etc).
    The trip consists of  conferences and company visits.



  • The partnership with San Francisco State University offers MIB graduates the opportunity to enter the second year of SFSU MBA program within 5 years after graduating.